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About Us

The world is a big void and the best way to fill this void is by exploring the new dimensions of it. Now we know that the quirky corners of the world are full of twists and turns which makes it difficult for you to plan your expeditions as you get swamped under the maps of new places and offers on reservations. We don't want you to figure everything alone but want to bear the load of flight bookings, hotel reservations and all other things associated with your travel. We want to Trip Along with you by guiding you at each and every step of your journey; by being the Alchemist to your Santiago.


We do realize that not every person is Marco Polo, therefore, we offer the flexibility of choice by providing customized trip advice especially designed for you. Whether you like to live by the clock or by the compass, we are there to Trip Along because we know that every journey may start with a beginner’s luck but every search ends with a test of wits and guts.


As Prophet Mohammed once said, “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled,” your search for wisdom can never end unless you have explored every nook and niche possible. We don’t want to restrict your voyage by giving you a soup to nuts itinerary. We want to build an experience that you can carry happily in your heart by step-by-step suggestions. We don’t want you to live the way we want but to create a memory you can carry to heaven.


Travel is something very pious and beautiful. The first time you face the ocean, the first breeze that hits your face, the first wave that touches your feet; the first mountain that you climb, the first night you spend under the stars, the first river you listen to; it all remains with you till the end of the times. You may leave the place, but a part of that place lives inside of you. Now you can understand that Dalai Lama was not wrong in suggesting you to travel to a new place every year.


Whether it is a small weekend trip to a nearby destination or a vacation abroad, do not hesitate to pick your backpack and hit the road. Because hey! You are not alone, we are always there tripping along. Don’t let any excuse stop you from discovering the treasure the world has to offer. Let us become your Ginnie granting you as many wishes as you need.


Now there are a lot of fish in the sea when it comes to travel but why should you choose us? We don’t know why you should not choose anybody else but we do know why you would want to join us. Travel is not an industry for us, it is an experience that is very personal, unique and mesmerisingly beautiful. And we want it to be just that, a uniquely personal experience. We love travel as much as you do and therefore, we aspire to build a community of fellow travelers who can trip along whenever you need a buddy to guide you through a thick way. We believe in fetching the best data for you from the best people amongst yourselves who know that place and understand your needs.

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