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Surrounded by the legacies of ancient India, the mighty Mughal rulers and the prosperous Nizams, the city of Aurangabad is a hub of tourists. The city inhabits a number of UNESCO world heritage sites including the Glorious cave architectures of Ajanta and Ellora.

A unique era of antiquity surrounds the city. Aurangabad narrates to its visitors the tales of the enlightened Buddhist and Jain monks at one hand, and the adventures of the mighty Mughal and Nizam rulers at the other.

What Aurangabad has to Offer?

Known as the Tourism Capital of Maharashtra, Aurangabad presents to its visitors a serene antique environment which will take you away from the fast lanes of your active work life. Here we have mentioned a few things that the city has for you:


As already mentioned, the city has a number of heritage sites which includes the heavenly Ajanta and Ellora caves, the stunning replica of Taj Mahal- Bibi Ka Maqbara, the magnificent tomb of Aurangzeb, the splendid fort at Daulatabad and the holy valley of Sufi saints.


The culture of the city is greatly influenced by the Nizams of Hyderabad. The glorious Nizam etiquettes are blended with the Marathwada pride and gives the city a unique tinge of courtesy and honor. Besides its caves, the city is known for its Mashru and Himroo fabrics which are made of cotton and silk. You will also find a number of temples around the city including the Grishneshwar temple and the Bhadra Maruti Temple. The city also brings your way, its famous bhoj (a meal).


The city mostly offers Hyderabadi cuisine consisting of Dum Biryani and flavored pulao. Besides the Nizami cuisine, Aurangabad is known for its Naan Qalia which is Mutton curry served with a specific kind of bread.


The Paithani sari is a must buy from the city. These hand woven delicacies take months to get ready and are so elegant that you will immediately fall in love with them. You can also buy the Mashru Shawls and Himroo fabric.

Cave Architecture

The city of Aurangabad is most popular for its rock-cut cave architecture. Besides the twin beauties of Ajanta and Ellora, Aurangabad caves and Pitalkhora caves are a must-visit.


Aurangabad has a serene environment and the air is full of scenic beauty with hills and waterfalls surrounding the city. The Devagiri hills, the Goga Baba Hill and the Pitalkhora waterfalls will leave you mesmerized.

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