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Located at the Eastern Coast of India is the heavenly city of Bhubaneswar. Referred to as the temple city, Bhubaneswar is a grandeur of architectural marvels and houses a number of heritage sites and traces of Kalingan architecture.

The city is surrounded by a serene atmosphere with an air of holiness and antiquity filling the space. Bhubaneswar is a true wonder for everyone who likes to take some time off to discover the glorious past of the world.

What Bhubaneswar Has to Offer?

The city of Bhubaneswar is a dynamic beauty with history and antiquity flowing through its veins. Here are a few things that the city has in store for you:


Bhubaneswar has a number of magnificent buildings and temples of Kalingan style. The Indo-Japanese White Pagoda, Lingaraj Temple, Mukteswara Temple, Rani Gumpha and rock edicts of Dhauli are a few to mention.


The state of Orissa is known for its antique yet happening culture. The classical Odissi dance and music performances, traditional theatre, sand artistry, and sculpturing are all awaiting you.

Scenic Beauty

Bhubaneswar has a number of hills and water-fronts scattered across the city. The twin hills of Khandagiri & Udayagiri, the Deras Dam, Dhauli Giri and Kanjia lake, all offer magnificent views.


This city is a hub for foodies. The goodness of rice and fish are cooked together in a flavorsome curry known as Machha Jhola, is the most famous dish in the city. Odisha is known for its sweets world over and some of the must-try dishes include Rasagola, Chhena Gaja, Rasabali, Chhena Jhili and Chhena Poda.


Located 8 km away from the city is Pipili that offers beautiful handicrafts, silver filigree work, jute items, and papier-mache products. You can also buy gemstones and wooden carvings in the city.

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