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Amidst the Western Ghats is the city of Coimbatore, a beautiful place with a serene environment. The city is quite popular among trekkers around the world. The mesmerizing hilltops and pleasant weather make it perfect for camping and trekking adventures.

The city offers a unique color where nature and urban life are blended together so well that prosperity has got assimilated into simplicity. This city is a must-visit for all those who love to explore the new dimensions of life.

What Coimbatore has to Offer?

From hilltops to river banks, from mouth-watering food to jaw-dropping adventures, from old temples to modern dwellings, from cool breezes to bonfires, there is not a single thing that the city does not present to you served on a silver platter. Here we have listed a few things that you can discover:


The city is the home of the ancient statue of Adiyogi Shiva. This statue holds a Guinness world record and is a famous meditation spot. Coimbatore also accommodates a number of ancient temple buildings including the Maruthamalai Murugan Temple, the Sree Ayyappan Temple, the Thirumoorthy Malai Temple, and Eachanari Vinayagar Temple.


Coimbatore is particularly popular among trekkers. There a number of adventurous trails and stunning trekking paths in the city. Some of the best treks include Dhoni Hills, the Thalaiyar Falls trek, the VellariMala, the Perumal Peak.


The city offers exclusive camping experience at hilltops where you can sleep inside your tents under the stars and enjoy a campfire. Perumal Peak and VellariMala are particularly popular among campers.


The natives of Coimbatore claim that they have the second tastiest water in the world- the Siruvani Water. The claims stand to be true as the city offers the most flavorsome dishes in the world. The South Indian dishes of Idli, Dosa, Biryani are quite popular in the city. Also try their Kirundi (Omelet) while you are in the city.

Scenic Beauty

The city has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Surrounded by the Western Ghats on all sides, Coimbatore has many beautiful waterfalls and hilltops scattered around it.


Coimbatore is the starting point for a number of road trips. Many people visit the city only to drive on the beautiful paths that the city connects to. Some of the most popular road trips include Coimbatore to Munnar, Coimbatore to Ooty, Coimbatore to Nelliyampathy and Coimbatore to Coonoor.

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