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Being born out a storm, the city of Kochi is strikingly beautiful, embracing multiple cultures within its folds. The city has been the centre of everyone’s attention for more than 600 years now. Nowhere else in the world today will you see the Indian, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabian and Japanese cultures fused together so perfectly that you can’t make out the difference.

Being an estuary, the city is mostly surrounded by the sea. It presents to you its benevolent beaches and heavenly islands. The streets of Kochi are filled with the aroma of its unique cuisine consisting of fish and rice stewed in coconut milk. It is just a matter of time that you will fall in love with the city and will never stop admiring its beauty.

What Kochi Has to Offer?

Being the first major battle ground of European powers, the city is like the grand old man who has got a lot of stories to narrate. Enclosed in its mesmerising surroundings and pleasant breezes is the history of an entire era. The city brings you:


Being occupied by numerous powers, the city has a number of monuments and historical sites. These include the mighty Fort Kochi, the magnificent Dutch Palace, the alluring Hill Palace, the prideful David Hall and the vigorous Chinese Fishing Nets.


Being a cosmopolitan city, you will see different cultures from throughout the world coexisting peacefully in the city of Kochi. The city is the seat of Latin Church in India and accommodates many churches alongside Buddhist and Japanese temples.

Beaches and Islands

The city is surrounded by few of the most gorgeous beaches and islands in the world. The Fort Kochi beach, Cherai beach, Willingdon islands, Bolgatty islands and Vypin islands are a few to name.


Kochi is known for its serene environment. Besides its beaches and parks, the city has eco-villages, Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village and Matsyafed Milky-way Aqua-Tourist Village that offer tourists a chance to explore the authentic rural lifestyle and the exclusive prawn-fishing experience.


The city of Kochi has a unique cuisine consisting of fish, prawns and rice, which are stewed in thick curries and coconut milk to give a peculiar texture and flavour. Meen Molagitta Curry, Kurukku Kalan and Alleppey fish curry served with steamed tapioca are some of the must-try dishes.


Being the hub of trading activities, Kochi offers some of the finest markets in the world. From the antique street markets of Marine Drive and MG Road to the Voguish Oberon and Lulu Mall, you will never shop enough.

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