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Once the heart of the entire world, London will leave you in a hangover that will take days to overcome. From bridges to river banks, the centuries-old palaces to dazzling pubs, from rooftop bars to green leafy suburbs, the city is nothing less than royalty.

The city is known for its happening streets and modern lifestyle. Being the center of innovation, the city offers a long tale of how modernity came into existence. The hop-on-hop-off bus and the eye-gawking views will leave spell-bound in a trance you won’t want to come out of.

What London Has to Offer?

For many centuries London has been the political and economic center of the entire world. It has ever since been the center of attraction for travelers. The city offers a unique blend of antiquity and modernity. Here we have provided a list of things that the city has to offer:


Being ruled by royals who had a thing for luxuries and pride, the British Capital has a number of heritage sites which includes the Royal Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben are some other major architectural grandeurs.


Being ruled by a single family for more than a Millenium, the city has a rich cultural tradition. From parades to the theatre, from literature to art, from street shows to concerts, the city has a vast culture that runs like blood across the entire city.


London is a hub of mouth-watering delicacies. Famous for its fish and chips, London presents to you the conventional English cuisine filled with pies, puddings, sandwiches and toads.


London brings to you its unique collection of wines and cocktails, perfectly complementing its simple yet delicious cuisine.

Exclusive Tours

This city knows how to present itself to its explorers. There are bus tours, motor-boat tours and simple walkways where you can experience the unique London life.

Exotic Views

Be it the grand London eye or the simple green suburbs the city brings to you a number of views that will make you forget that there exists a world outside the city.

Night Life

London has some of the most happening pubs in the world. If you are not the one for loud music, there are a number of roof-top bars where you can sit in quiet and enjoy gazing at the busy London streets.

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