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Surrounded by the legacies of ancient India, Nagpur is one of the most livable cities in India. With lush green surroundings and sunny environment, the city is one of the most pleasant travel destinations in the world.

A unique sense of antiquity surrounds the city and fills the city streets with a feeling of joy. Nagpur is also known for its mouth-watering dishes and spicy flavors of the Marathi Cuisine run through its veins. Visit this place and you will never get disappointed as a new surprise is awaiting you at each and every corner of the city.

What Nagpur Has to Offer?

Famous for its oranges and Tiger reserves throughout the world, Nagpur is one of the most serene cities in the world. Where the whole world is in a quest for modernization, the Tiger Bhoomi is embracing antiquity with pride and pleasure. Following are a few things you can discover around the city:


The city has been cherishing the glorious stories of its prideful history since ages. The city is home to the world’s largest hollow stupa, Deekshabhoomi. Other important sites include Dragon Palace Temple, Ramtek Fort Temple, Ashtavinayak and Ambagarh Fort.

Tiger Reserves

Nagpur is called as the Tiger Capital of India and houses a number of Tiger Reserves. You can visit Pench Tiger Reserve, Kanha Tiger Reserve and Taboada Tiger Reserve to catch a glimpse of the mighty national animal of India.


The city is home to a number of pristine lakes that you can catch benevolent landscapes and mesmerizing sunsets. Futala Lake, Gorewada Lake and Ambazari Lake are some of the most beautiful ones.


Nagpur is a popular Culinary hub and a favorite destination for foodies. The city serves you the authentic Marathi cuisine and is famous for its Tarri Poha and Param Ki Daal. Also try the crispy kebabs and sizzling Biryani in the city.


Fondly called as the Orange City, Nagpur is known world-over for its orange products and handicrafts. Sitabuldi Main Road, Sadar Bazaar and Sarafi Bazaar are some of the shopping hotspots.

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