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Fondly called as the “city of lights”, Paris leave you dazed in its aureate surroundings. The city is home of the symbol of love, the gigantic Eiffel Tower. The magnificent boulevards, the glorious monuments, fashionable atmosphere, aromatic bistros and artistic streets are all awaiting your visit in the city of fashion, romance and chivalry.

The is known worldwide as the Fashion Capital and houses some of the top brands in the fashion industry. Besides being a fashionista, the city is known for its classical traditions, celebrations and art.

What Paris Has to Offer?

Actually, the more appropriate question would be, what does Paris not have to offer. That is easier to answer- a simple nothing. From mouth-watering food to exotic views, from artistic classic to modern fashion brands, from narrative museums to booming rock concerts, from elegant wine to ferocious coffee, the city is one big bundle of joy.


Being the city that dictated to the world the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, Paris has a number of monuments. The sky-touching Eiffel Tower, broad Arc de Triomphe embracing the outstanding avenue des Champs-Élysées, the Holy Notre Dame cathedral are a few to mention.

Art & Culture

France is the place that will introduce you to the traditional European art. From street artists to ballet dances, from classical theatre to art galleries, from traditional museums to opera, the city has a rich and colourful platter to serve you.


An entire lifetime will prove to be short to taste all the delicacies that the city has to offer. Housing some of the finest restaurants in the world, the city knows how to take care of its guests and presents you its bakeries, patesseries and cookeries.


French wine is known throughout the world for its elegant taste and unique blends. You will find a number of glistening, sparkly options to accompany your food.


Being the fashion capital of the world, you will find a number of brands and fashions shown across the city. The haute couture is a must visit for every person.

Dynamic Views

It is said that the city of Paris is not static as you will witness a different landscape at every turn. Thecity has some of the most beautiful views in the from, from gleaming bridges to lush green walkways, you will be enchanted by the beauty surrounding you.

Night Life

Paris has some of the best clubs and pubs in the world. The cits is always alive with music blazing the lustrous nights.

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