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Referred to as the city of destiny, Visakhapatnam is the place to simply relax, leaving away all your tensions. The city has been immensely popular among tourists, for its virgin beaches. The city is an absolute beauty and delight for those who love to have a lazy vacation at the seaside.

Visakhapatnam has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world with beautiful coastlines and stunning hill tops. The city has a divine aura surrounding itself. From watersports to sunsets Visakhapatnam has a lot of surprises awaiting your visit.

What Visakhapatnam Has to Offer?

The gem of South India, Vishakhatnam is a paradise for those who like to have a chill time. With exotic beaches, gorgeous landscapes and pleasant breezes, the city has a serene ambience. Here is a list of things that Visakhapatnam has in store for you:


The city of Visakhapatnam accommodates some magnificent architectural marvels which include the Borra caves, Simhachalam, Ross Hill and Bojjana Konda. The city is also the home of India’s only submarine war museum, INS Kursura.


Known as Goa of the East Coast, Visakhapatnam has a number of beautiful beaches. Yarada beach is the most popular one in the city. Bhimili, Gangavaram and Rishikonda are a few others to name.


The city holds a number of water-adventures including the thrilling ocean rafting and the heavenly scuba diving. You can also experience other water rides such as jet-ski and paragliding.


Visakhapatnam is a hub of scenic beauty and has a number of gorgeous landscapes including the splendid Araku Valley. Kambalakonda sanctuary and Kailasagiri offer views that are worth dying for.


Visakhapatnam serves you with the typical South-Indian cuisine prepared in coconut oil with a variety of spices. You will not be able to get over the snacks of “muri mixture” and “aratikaya bajji”. The servings of pulihora and laddu are a big cherry on the cake.


Although the city in not much of a fashionista, but it brings to you a unique collection of stone and sandalwood sculptures.

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